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Online Gambling – Its a lot more than you’d think

Online gambling – its a lot more than you’d think

Online gambling was a major hit in the late 2000s when our technology finally allowed us for example transfer funds digitally in real time. Well it was possible before as well, but not as safe as its nowadays. Online gambling has evolved A LOT since the first online casinos started their operations. One of the biggest things that has changed is how the world looks gambling today vs. before. Technology is developing faster than ever before and entertainment business is in the front lines of taking advantage of this.

 Biggest innovations in online casinos

What are some of the biggest innovations online casinos has seen in the past decade? There are obviously tens of them that isn’t actually visible for the consumer, but helps the operations immensely. One of the biggest thing we CAN see is the introduction of live betting. Live betting is a type of sportsbook where you can watch a game in real time and place bets on the actions and the outcomes of that match. It means that you could be sitting on the stands, watching your favourite football team playing and placing bets for example “Who is going to pass the next touchdown”.

 Biggest innovations in online casinos

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Live betting itself isn’t’ a new invention but how the technology allows us to play with it is. Some of us have tried to “beat” the live betting trader by watching games live and trying to place a bet AFTER a certain event happens but believe us, it’s virtually impossible to do. There are automated systems in place and sharp eyed live betting traders who manage the operation with utmost concentration. IF you manage to pull this one off, it’s most likely not going to net you anything as online casinos usually can withdraw those funds from you, if they are won due to mistake.

 Bonuses – gift for the consumers

 Don’t get us wrong, bonuses are one of the best things that has happened to online gambling. There are hundreds of different online casinos who all compete to get the next customer to join their site. This is of course done by trying to gain attraction by offering various different bonuses. It also means that the offers keep getting more and more innovative as there is a certain limit of how much money you can offer to a new player registering to your site. To solve this problem, online casinos have started to offer other gifts on top of the initial deposit bonuses. These gifts can be anything between concert tickets, tournament tickets, loyalty programs that pay out money / products etc.

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 Future of online gambling

 Nobody knows what the future looks like, but we’re pretty certain it’s going to be huge. We haven’t seen any big innovations in the last few years so we’re definitely due for one already. One probable winner is going to be VR (Virtual Reality) and we can’t wait how it is going to be implemented into the online casino industry!

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